Phinest Cannabis™ was founded with a clear goal in mind: to build upon principles of science to create the finest cannabis on the market. To achieve our goal, we use cutting edge science and superior genetics to grow from Tissue Culture Micro-Propagation, allowing us to consistently produce a diverse portfolio of exotic strains that are always contaminant-free.

Tissue Culture Micro-Propagation is the Phinest™ Difference. When it comes to growing, this approach is leading the way and our master cultivators are at the helm. Plant tissue culture is widely used to produce clones of a plant in a method known as micro-propagation. Our team of PhDs and Veteran Horticulturists closely oversee the tissue culture growth every step of the way, ensuring the highest plant quality, time and time again. Tissue Culture Micro-Propagation has immense benefits for optimal plant health, including: increasing plant vigor and productivity, providing genetic stability, and maintaining plant purity free of pesticides and diseases, amongst others.

Our team has decades of collective experience and have been perfecting our craft with each year that passes. We are thrilled to have our micro-propagated tissue culture grown flowers available. What makes Phinest™ Flowers unique is our unmatched attention to detail — from seed selection to cultivation to process, drying, curing, and hand-trimming. Our cultivators start fresh with propagating the best seeds, and then select for various levels of potency, medical efficacy, and flavor experience.

Through refining our process, another goal of ours has become to share our knowledge on a greater scale. We developed Phinest Pheno™ as a way to make our highest quality Tissue Culture Micro-Propagation Clones available as well. Phinest Phenos™ are premium clones grown in our California licensed state-of-the-art facilities under the care of our highly skilled cultivators. Using top of the line genetics, we apply a collection of techniques to maintain or grow plant cells, tissues, or organs under completely sterile conditions. These techniques enable us to guarantee the finest quality cannabis plants California has to offer.

From our hand-trimmed flowers to our contaminant-free clones all grown from Tissue Culture Micro-Propagation, Phinest Cannabis™ is about finding the right balance between tradition and innovation to deliver an experience you deserve. When only the finest will do.